Empower your sales teams with advanced Sales CRM and insights

to grow customer relationships
and sell at scale.

Increase your sales productivity, improve lead conversion rates and
customer retention, and shorten your sales cycles.

How does Flash Lead Sales
help your business boost sales and revenue? 

Customize and Manage your pipeline.

Shorten your sales cycle and raise your conversion rates.

  • Automate lead assignment, rotation and capture across sources
  • Customizable pipeline for most effective lead management
  • Documented buyer journey from initial contact to lead conversion and after sales.
  • Segment your leads with sources, tags, and lists. Filter and make decisions

Get a 360° view of your customer.

Capture all customer interactions in one place and convert leads faster.

  • Connect your social media pages and manage your messages on our omni channel conversation
  • Follow up with leads and document their journey beyond social media.
  • Enable your customers to interact with agents in real-time on any channel
  • Understand buyer intent and convert your leads

Manage your sales team.

Dashboards and reports to keep track of daily interactions and reach your targets. 

  • Reminders tab for all members.
  • Dashboard with number of added leads, messages sent, scheduled meetings.
  • Team Reporting includes number of calls, meetings, follow ups scheduled
  • Sales module to track your sales per product, per sales rep, sales team, or by sale status.

For all industries and business sizes, 

Flash Lead Sales CRM is your go-to.

  • Our tools can be used by any industry for any purpose.
  • The software is flexible, easy to use, customizable and packed with features, allowing you to tailor it to your needs.

Easy to use, on the go, necessary.

Flash Lead Sales CRM
Features & Benefits

Customizable sales pipeline

Match your pipeline with your sales cycle. Add custom stages, sources and tags.

Lead management

Define your top leads from your contacts and focus on what matters with custom stages, history tracing, and full contact history.

Team and hierarchy

Add your team, grant them accessibility based on their roles, and keep sensitive information for company owners or sales managers only.

Team Collaboration

In-app internal chat for real time communication between sales managers and sales reps.

Social Messages

Monitor and reply to messages received on your company’s social media pages in a few seconds


Automate lead assignment and reassignment, moving leads, and sending emails based on triggers. Get so much more done in less time.

Invoicing and deal

Send your clients their invoices directly. Collect payment and update your sales targets.

Insights and reports

Get detailed reports on sales activities and lead progress. Easy access to keep an eye on your sales and track performance.

Security and Privacy

Your data is encrypted and backed on AWS according to global standards.

Flash Lead Sales CRM Products

Less time. More sales. To the point.

Looking for a Sales Management and Revenue Growth CRM that can
handle your growing company’s needs?

Flash Lead Essential

The ultimate sales CRM with powerful features to help you capture leads, automate lead assignment, and track your sales progress in real-time.
Unlike any other Sales CRM, Flash Lead Essential provides advanced management features like internal chat for in-app team communication, activity progress, and a sales module to help you efficiently manage your sales and grow your business. With Facebook Ads lead integration, auto-assignment, reporting, invoicing and billing, Flash Lead Essential is the perfect sales CRM for any growing business.
Try it now and get ready to see your business grow to the next level!

Flash Lead Pro

Flash Lead Pro is an advanced and integrated sales CRM that helps you monitor sales, chat with leads and grow your business. It has all the features of Flash Lead Essential including lead auto-assignment, internal chat, activity progress, sales module, invoicing and billing.
Flash Lead Pro takes the journey a bit further with an omnichannel conversation platform which allows you to get your Facebook and Instagram messages in one place, as well as automations for lead assignment and movement across your sales cycle. With over 5,000 integrations, Flash Lead Pro is the perfect sales CRM for the modern business.

Choose the
Right sales CRM to fit your needs.


Flash Lead Essential

Prices start at $15/user/month

Flash Lead Pro

Prices start at $30/user/month

Lead Capture & Import
Leads & Team Reports
Customizable Pipeline
Team & Individual Sales Targets
Client Database & Buyer Journey
Reminders, GPS Tracking, Meeting Scheduling & Mgt.
Real-time Sales Monitoring & Management
Invoicing & Billing
Sales Forecast
Time Saving Automations
Omni Channel Conversation ( Facebook & Instagram )
+5,000 Integrations
Usability & Access
English & Arabic
Free Onboarding
24/5 Free Support
Access to Knowledge Base


What is a sales management tool? And why is it used?

If you’re a growing business and need a tool to keep track of your sales team members as well as your leads’ history, you need a Sales Management tool (Sales CRM). It can be used to track and monitor day-to-day sales interactions with leads, automate some of your workflow, and gather all your needed platforms into ONE unified website and application to be with you wherever you are.

How do I choose my product?

You know how your business operates. You know what gaps need to be closed. Choose the product with the features you will actually use. It’s an investment you will be thankful for.

Can I switch between products?

Yes, you can always move between products though it’s not preferable.

What’s the limit on the number of leads added?

There’s no limit to the number of leads added, tags, sources, connected Lead generation facebook campaigns or history documentation.

Hesitant about sales management ?

Think again!

Flash Lead Essential

Flash Lead Essential has all the right features to serve you well, including Facebook lead generation campaign integration, advanced management features like internal chat, activity progress, and Sales module help you track your sales progress while you grow your business. Flash Lead Essential is your go-to for Sales CRMs.

Flash Lead Pro

Flash Lead Pro is the new generation for sales and CRM Includes all the main features that already exist and are loved in Flash Lead Essential including Facebook Leads integration, automatic leads assignment, reporting, custom pipeline and more. With Flash Lead Pro we took it one step further to cover a whole new spectrum of professional tools where sales and customer service can directly communicate with clients on Facebook Messenger & Instagram. Also Flash Lead Pro has an automated outreach flow that Automates Sending Emails, Automate leads re-assignment and tracking.

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