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Integrate with your favourite apps

Flash Lead makes all your tools work better by letting you integrate industry-leading software and custom apps right into Flash Lead.

Google Calendar

Contacts & Calendar

Add reminders, set meetings, and schedule your deadlines from the same workspace.

Google Maps

Contacts & Calendar

Follow your team's transitions and know their destinations and places they have visited.

Google Drive

Data Management

Segment your data into folders, keep your files safe, and offer access to the right person.


Ecommerce Platform

Track orders, know the purchased items by each customer and keep an eye on the buyer journey


Marketing Automation

Set the suitable workflows for your e-mail marketing campaigns to be sent automatically.

Pabbly Connect

Integration Platform

Access +800 integrations and grow the business revenue via every connection with Flash Lead.

Google Sheets

Data Management

Arrange your data, whether it is numeric or text, and connect it in rows and columns.

Whatsapp Business

Bots & Messaging, Customer Support

Reply to your leads’ message directly and support them instantly.

Gmail (Coming soon)

Contacts & Calendar

Draft your messages, send them, and receive others via the globally most used email.

QuickBooks (Coming soon)

Accounting & Invoicing

Instantly monitor expenses, construct needed invoices, and get accounting accurate reports.

Instagram Messenger

Bots & Messaging, Customer Support

Interact with your leads’ messages, build rapport, and add them to Flash Lead sales pipeline.

Facebook Messenger

Bots & Messaging, Customer Support

Tailor an automated reply for every new chat and smoothly move the lead to the right list on Flash Lead.


E-Commerce Platform

Easily build an e-commerce store and enjoy better customer management via Flash Lead


Intergration Platform

Transfer any type of data on Flash Lead to the app you want through Zapier and vice versa through 5,000+ integrations.

Stripe (Coming soon)

Accounting & Invoicing

Make Stripe invoices part of Flash Lead, synced data keeps you focused on critical tasks.

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